week 12 wrap up

this week’s set of assignments were interesting because they required the reuse of art that has already been create — which is not something new we are doing this week — but the fact that it was our theme and aim to remix/mashup made the whole experience “legitimate,” and say not a co-op to creating our own content.

as per this week’s theme, i did mashup assignments, at least 12 stars worth

thats so proud

the real grinch story

meskeen mo’s day at the protest

i also did two gif assignments which i remixed

my fave show to hate

i wanted to edit and delete this play

i did two daily creates

and finally i commented on fellow student’s work

thats so proud

in doing the mashup assignment “disney mashup,” i decided to mix the intro songs of my favorite disney channel shows, the proud family and that so raven. at the beginning of this mashup i wanted there to be intros where you see the name of the shows. then a slowed down 5-10 sec clips of each of the shows alternating. then i concluded with fast alternating clips of both the shows so that it feels that while two different narratives and formats are being utilized, its in the same world, where these quirky blk girls get to be young and free.

i used youtube for the clips and iMovie for editing.

the real grinch story

the grinch did not hate Christmas, he hated people, which is understandable. all he every tried to do was mind his business, eat his cookies, and love the girl he love. but because of the hater-ation and holler-ation of his bullying classmates, he got mean. then when kindness and love was extended to him, he did good by the people and Christmas. so again, the grinch just really did not have time for rude and demeaning people, as my true movie trailer edit shows.

i got the video from youtube and used iMovie to edit it. i decided to focus on the grinch’s childhood — origin story– because i feel that is what the original trailer keeps hidden so as to not spoil the story.

meskeen mo’s day at the protest

in the mashup assignment “superhuman in everyday life,” i decided to take creative liberty and make my superhero someone who define under the umbrella of superhuman but is not a dc/marvel character. in the image above i have mashed up the Edmund Pettus Bridge Civil Rights protest in Selma Alabama and an image of the wonderful songstris Erykah Badu.

my reasons for mashing these two up has to do with my character, maskeen   aka mo’s power as an empath who defies time and spacial locality to be a transient character that just appears during these pinnacle point in revolutionary spaces so as to help folks heal emotionally and maintain self care and sustenance as they continue their (r)evolutionary pursuits. that being said, i choose Erykah as my superhero symbol because i think she encompasses the essence of mo, blk pride, self-care, creativity, community activism and engagement.

i new these images were what i wanted to work with so i found them on google and then used canva to edit them.

i wanted to edit and delete this play

as part of this weeks remix work i did the assignment “best sports play,” wherein i was to make a gif of my favorite sports play of the season. but as a remixed assignment i was to “flip the mood,” so i did the sports play that hurt my heart. all the way back in the summer, the world cup was going on and everything was swell, there were several African countries in the cup and i hold on tight to hope and prayer that at least one would represent in the finals. and nijaaaaaaa, my sister country Nigeria, i hoped would come through, but the game was stolen from us in the play that can be seen in the gif above. as can clearly be seen Argentina’s number 16 makes a hand ball and to meeeeee, a clear violation because he ought to know that while in the act of jumping to make a header, you must control your arms to not touch the ball or else it is a handball. and then Nigeria went on to lose the game by one point… i am still upset at the call.

upon seeing the assignment i knew what emotion and game i wanted to reference so i went on youtube and found the clip. i then took the pictures by screenshot and then used photoshop to make the gifs.

my fave show to hate

as part of this weeks remix project, i choose the assignment “tv show gifs,” making 4-6 gifs of my favorite tv show. which upon getting remixed turned into making gifs of my least favorite show. i decided to gif the tv series pretty little liars, which is not a show i hate — because i cant say i have ever even seen like five minutes of the show– however, it is a plot line that eternally irks. beyond the contextual background of the storyline, which i don’t have any foundational knowledge of… the fact that a show about stocker/killer/black-mailer, was able to go on for seven year. like, come on, after the third episode someone had to go to the police, right?

i made these gifs from four different clips i found on youtube of the show, searching things like, “trailer,” “crazy episode,” and “intro.” i used mac screenshot to get the images and photoshop to make them to gifs.

week 11 wrap up

for this week, i unfortunately only completed 10 starts worth of assignments, but they were both about my character.

the first was about creating propaganda set in the world of my character.

propaganda, not for OR by the people

next i did a characterization video, strictly from the prospective of my character, which was really fun creating.

top 10 mo facts

my three daily create can be found bellow.

and lastly my commenting on the work of my classmates.

top 10 mo facts

above is my video response to the video assignment “tell your character’s story.” i went about this story boarding by thinking about the transient nature of my character mo, and how she is everywhere (as a time-traveling badass) but also a centralized character (as i tell her story from a very specific characterization and perspective). i chose to do a list, and as opposed to typical characterization lists, this one is by mo herself.

i used my iphone to record my audio, i used gargeband to edit the audio, and i used imovie to bring together the images and audio. i made all but one of the images on canva. i also have background music going on which is a looping segment i made of the track whipped cream by ari lenox, which adds a jazz/blues soundtrack to mo’s experiences, which translate to me as experiences of resilience and maturity. what ive learned about storytelling from making this video is that, while articles or videos titled top 10… can often be limiting in creating nuanced understanding of someone, they also for an opportunity to universalize characters which can be useful in videos like mine wherein i am just creating an introduction of the character for folks.

propaganda, not for OR by the people

above is my video creation for the video assignment “fake propaganda video.” i had several intentions when making this video, i wanted to create irony, suspense, and realism. while the concept of burning/banning or in any other way limiting access to books is not a new concept (i even refer to the book- turned movie, fahrenheit 451), my twist on this idea was to make the limitation of access to books seem like a cheery and lucrative endeavor.

i also was making this video in association with my character, meskeen aka mo, in mind. given that mo acts as an empath whose life mission is to be of service to people and their personal liberation, the lack of access to books makes that pursuit even more difficult. i also gave another shout out to my character mo when i had the image that read “BOUNTY $100,000: WANTED: ALL REVOLUTIONARY REBEL ROUSERS,” because she is that rebel rouser that the dictators and oligarchs want captured.

in therms of the “dud” democratic union of dictators, its an ironic title and a triple entendre. first, “dud,” as a word is slang for dumby. the fact that the words “democratic” and “union” are in the same phrase as the word “dictator,” speak to how the rulers use language (powerful language) arbitrarily to advance their position. and lastly,  the fact that these dictators have come together so as to help enforce greater oversight, speaks to how power is a source that feeds on everything and everyone.

i end with an assessment on the actual content i used and created. i used my iphone to record my audio, i used gargeband to edit the audio, and i used imovie to bring together the images and audio. i made all but one of the images on canva. and the image i used was a screenshot from the movie fahrenheit 451 by way of a blog called mattmulcahey. in terms of sounds, i used my voice as a tool and i used a clip of paper crumpling as the credits rolled. if i were to do this again i would make the images go slower, to adequately let folks read the writing on the screen. in making this video i learned that i could use canva to make the credits, which was wonderful to find out as i am more familiar with using canva for text manipulation, and in contrast, i have had a hard time in the past using imovie for making text on the screen.

week 10 wrap up

this video week was very interesting. my appreciation and admiration for video has definitely grown! while i do have experience working with the tools that i used this week, such as imovie and garageband, the sheer about of time and patience it takes to create content you are satisfied with is definitely a practice of patience i had forgotten about.

bellow you will find my video essay on the grinch, which did after reviewing how to do a movie critique.

the grinch and how i made the video essay

i then did 12 stars worth of video assignments

pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

psa: public service announcement

top 5 top 5 top 5 @umw

scroll the b-roll

and i also did two daily creates

and bellow you can find my commenting on my classmate’s work.