scroll the b-roll

bellow you will find my response to the video assignment “b-roll.”

while thinking about what event, and event photos/videos, to use for a b-roll reel, it occurred to me that i had on consciously made one a couple of days ago. this past fall break some students and i, along with the UMW Multicultural Center, went on a social justice trip to Alabama this past fall break. and a couple of days ago i made a video with some pictures from the event and background music. i had not shared this video with the public and since i made it a couple of days ago, and it fits under the “b-roll” assignment, i am submitting it as my project. i used imovie and garageband to edit the music and audio used in the video.

top 5 top 5 top 5 @umw

bellow you will find my response to the video assignment “of most importance.”

in this video i identified five of my favorite spots at the University of Mary Washington. in choosing my favorite spots, i just thought about the places i most frequent, and ta-da, the video came together.

i used my iphone to record my voice over; i used google to find images of the different locations; and lastly i used imovie to put the audio and visuals together.

the grinch and how i made the video essay

bellow you will find my video essay of on a scene from the iconic moive, How The Grinch Stole Christmas

i chose to do my video essay on the grinch because i find the movie to be very endearing in it message, and i thought it fitting for this project because of the ways in which the character dynamics are captured on screen. i wanted to focus in particular on the use of character positioning on the screen so as to explore power dynamics and how the grinch is shamed.

i used a youtube video downloader to get the movie clip; i used my iphone to record my commentary; and finally i used imovie and garageband to edit the sounds and compile the video.

psa: public service announcement

for the video assignment “public service announcement,” i decided to dedicate the video to a topic close to my heart and home. shoes, slides to be exact, are a lovely take on the iconic sandal look. but unlike sandal, slides are an product made to be worn in the house, so as to distinguish between shoes that folks wear outside (in the rough and often dirty world) and inside (wear clean-clean-clean is the word).

i made this cheeky psa by first recording the voiceover on my iphone and then using garage band to edit it and add background music and sound effects. i then incorporated images from google (and i even used canva to create a image with a “do not enter” sign and a backdrop of slides) to a video i created on imovie.

pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

as part of the video assignment “create an intro to a movie,” i decided to make a 90’s themed movie intro that uses video clips from the music vide Friendzone by the artist UMI. i am not at all familiar with the artist or the song but i came across it as i was thinking of videos to select for this assignment. my initial thought was to use clips from 90’s black sitcoms like Martin, Living Single, and A Different World. however, the more i thought about it, i did not think a smooth and comprehendible story (or rather, beginning of a story) could be created by clipping together tv show intros. but as i was looking at the show intros on youtube, UMI’s video popped up as a suggestion. I was draw to its colorful thumb nail. i watched some of the video on mute, and without even hearing the song, i decided to use it for this project.

next was writing the voiceover for the video. i decided to go with something that had a pop and rhythmic beat to it, and if you’re familiar with 90’s hip hop or 90’s pop culture in general, you’ll notice i have incorporated some lines that imitate other show/song lines.

lastly, the editing, the most time-consuming component. i used my iphone to record the audio, youtube mp4 converter for the video and background music, garageband to edit the audio, and imovie to edit the video, and put the video and music together.

weekly assignment 9

this week i worked on a reflection of the process of listening to the radio shows of classmates.

radio response

i then redid a website and wrote about it.

remaking the web

i also created a fun little story about all of my daily creates this week.

daily creates, created together

i also have bellow my daily creates from twitter.

i unfortunately did not get to doing the web assignments. so i will conclude this weekly summary with some comments and interactions i had with classmates this week.

daily creates, created together

so here, the story goes…

once upon a time there lived a girl name da-da, she was the life of the party, the energy of the room, the light of the sky– if you will. da-da, being the ever so kind individual, decided to host a halloween party for some of her friends. although she needed to turn in her senior thesis that night, she kept putting it off and putting it off. …. UNTIL her procrastination caught up to her. but i’m getting too ahead of myself here.

da-da even invited her 11yrs old sister. granted she did not want to, but her parents said if she wanted some spending money, she needed to let them have a night to spend with one another, and for her to baby-sit. this became quite interesting since da-da, a college student, living off-campus, with her friends on the night of halloween — is forced to through a party while baby sitting. things were fine enough that day, until it was 12:20am and da-da realizes she did not submit her senior thesis, and all she could do was lay in her bed— confused. how could this have happened? an assignment she had completed a month ago, yet kept waiting to turn in until it “felt right” was now past due???

as da-da doses off just stuned at her own predicament, she dreams that she has woken up 100yrs in the future. she sees herself sleeping, old and calm. and all around her older self’s room are photos and awards and thank you notes and flowers and color… she is stunned. she could not believe, that with all of her hick up in life, … at the end, it was all what was meant to be.

remaking the web

when i first began to think about what part of the web i wanted to remake, i thought of beyonce’s website because that is what i was trying to imitate when i first made my domain. but upon further consideration and taking into account what would be the best way to make something cheeky and yet almost believable i thought to use an article that talks about college students. so i chose an article that was titled “10 ways students can survive college,”  and i changed the title and all of the subtitles to my satirical observations of what the author was trying to get across.

here is link to the edited website:


radio response

this week we, as a class, listened to one another’s radio projects. my group, the legends, went up first on monday. it was an interesting experience participating in a live broadcasting, just by way of google hangout. then the actual process of listening to content that i participated in making and waiting for folks to react to it through twitter was a new experience that brought its own butterflies and nervousness.

the next day i was able to tune in to listen to the super story tellers. they were a group of interesting and quirky characters whose humor took you through the journey of the show, as you can tell by my tweets i was excited for the group.

while the show was going on and folks were tweeting while their parts were airing, i found it interesting that some of them kept apologizing for how their voice sounded or said they didn’t like how they sounded. this makes me think of how while we could all probably relate to this feeling a little bit, i hope after the great affirmation they were getting from the rest of us, the group in the future is more confident and don’t talk down at the work they have done when it is being presented to people.

while i liked the characters and the idea of their characters being interviewed by a news group, i would have liked to see a better connection between each of the different characters and their news reports. maybe if there was one voice, one person, that did the questioning and the characters all responded to them, or if there was a clearly specific news segment they were doing, it could bring all of the scenes together.

week 8: wrap up

i began this week with a cheeky daily create response about spying neighbors… here is the tweet bellow.

i ended this week’s daily creates with great commentary on how humans are not the cutest animals.

this week was focused entirely on wrapping up our ds106 radio tracks, and bellow you will find my commentary on how my group and i came to create, “the legends.”

take two: radio show progress

lastly i have added bellow some screenshots of my commenting on my classmate’s work.