radio show: poster

Pictured here is a promotional for The Legends Radio Show
The Legends Radio Show by mbm

in create this poster for my group’s radio show, i knew i wanted to incorporate a talk show-esc object and some type of eye catching color. the table and chairs are a .png file that i created earlier this semester for another project but i did not end up using them. however, it took me a long time to create them, so i have been looking forward to incorporating them in some way to some project, and this was very fitting.

as far as my color choice, i used the faded out orange background because white is too bland, and non-faded colors are too bold for a background, but an earthy toned background gives a warm canvas, which i appreciate. next came the color red, which is an iconic and bold color, which is fitting for luring the viewer to look at our tittle. the blue was a color that was on my most recents list and it worked better with the red background than did a white color.

lastly, the tittle is in the center because that is where the eye goes first. and at the bottom i added the group member’s names because the poster felt kind of empty. i used canva in making this poster and in the future i think i will try to use photoshop because letters don’t download well as .jpg from canva.

radio show: process and progress

in thinking about making a radio show for the course, i sometimes got tangled up in the idea of how to begin, because of the nature of the class. given that it is an online course, i don’t have a rich understanding of my classmate’s character and voice. while the internet and the many assignments we have had in the course provide a platform with which to see folk’s creativity, there is something to be said about the impact of an in-person conversation. that being said, i am really proud of my classmate’s involvement and initiative to develop on content others have started.

from the beginning it seemed the group needed a little push to start collaborating because it was not until professor Bond emailed the group that we started collaborating. i started by making the google doc for the course and emailing folks about it. Drake, Kyle, Tyra, and Jess added their thoughts and meeting availability to the google doc the next day. unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to add my thoughts until the next day, at which point Drake had created a slack chat page for us to communicate on a more frequent level. i added to the google doc an update of where our project stood at the time. i added the name that was decided (which Tyra proposed), the theme summary (which Erik suggested), assignment requirements (with instructions for folks to identify the work they will do), and a timeline for when i think assignments should be completed. lastly i sent an email to the group and the professor with information on what i had done, and the next steps. i wanted to send this email out to both update the professor  (because he is not on our slack channel) and insure that all group members were updated on what was going on. because at some points there were students that had not written either in the google doc or the slack so it was difficult to know if they had received the invitation.

in the coming week i hope to have a greater impact on the creative component of the group collaboration as opposed to just the administrative/updating part, and that is just a personal thing i have to work on, it does not necessarily speak to group dynamic itself. i think the fact that we are having fall break in-between the assignment might create a little bit of a hiccup especially with how available and involved folks will be in the script writing, because the plan is to do that over break and begin recording the day we get back to classes.

Photos: Best of the Week

Bellow you will find some of our favorite posts from the photo week.

Mili’s Favorites

Of the many beautiful and artistic visual creations this week, two in particular stood out to me. Francesca’s “It’s the circle of life,” and Jessica’s “A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art.” Both of these pieces are digitally made art that teater the line between realism and digital distance. Additionally, both of the pieces capture one’s eye because of the vibrance of their color, lurrying us to look deeper into the story of their creation.

Pictured here is an art piece made by Jessica Spranger titled "A Computer Scientist's attempt at Art"
Jessica Spranger “A Computer Scientist’s Attempt at Art”

While looking through the class’ creations I took a pause at this piece because of the simple yet avant garde disposition to the piece. In reading through Jessica’s reasoning for making the piece the way she did, you get the feeling that its aura of youth and light are intentionally felt. At one point Jessica declares, “… my childhood self would’ve enjoyed this creation,” and I think this is an accomplishment we should all strive towards when creating for the sake of creativity.

Pictured here is Francesca Maisano's art piece titled "It's the circle of life"
Francesca Maisano “It’s the circle of life”

While Francesca’s piece is vibrant with sharp neon colors, I found her witt and narration to be an excellent addition to the artwork. On a first glance, I was struck by the symmetry of the different colored lines, all in odd shapes, yet all appearing to be exactly in place.  This makes since once you read Francesca’s opening line, “Since I cannot do anything without thoroughly thinking it through, this picture does have meaning.” Funny and yet a satisfying line for an art critique examines every pixel for a sense of truth.

Julie’s Favorites

Pictured here is Tyra's art piece "What’s in Deidra’s Bag of Goods?"
Tyra’s art piece “What’s in Deidra’s Bag of Goods?”

This represents a typical college students life with a backpack. Your backpack becomes your “go to bag”. Your backpack carries everything a successful student needs to survive college life on the go. I really enjoyed reading the comments for each item that is in the backpack.

Pictured here is Rose's art piece "Fridge Cat"
Rose’s art piece “Fridge Cat”

I think I was drawn to this photo because I have a cat that tries to get in the fridge when we open the door. I can relate to this picture. It’s just a cat trying to keep cool on a hot summer day. Caption under the picture: “Malkav never gave up on his desire to live in the fridge, even after the time when he was a kitten that we didn’t see him in there, and he got shut in. Or when he really got too big to fit in there.”