radio show: poster

Pictured here is a promotional for The Legends Radio Show
The Legends Radio Show by mbm

in create this poster for my group’s radio show, i knew i wanted to incorporate a talk show-esc object and some type of eye catching color. the table and chairs are a .png file that i created earlier this semester for another project but i did not end up using them. however, it took me a long time to create them, so i have been looking forward to incorporating them in some way to some project, and this was very fitting.

as far as my color choice, i used the faded out orange background because white is too bland, and non-faded colors are too bold for a background, but an earthy toned background gives a warm canvas, which i appreciate. next came the color red, which is an iconic and bold color, which is fitting for luring the viewer to look at our tittle. the blue was a color that was on my most recents list and it worked better with the red background than did a white color.

lastly, the tittle is in the center because that is where the eye goes first. and at the bottom i added the group member’s names because the poster felt kind of empty. i used canva in making this poster and in the future i think i will try to use photoshop because letters don’t download well as .jpg from canva.