daily creates, created together

so here, the story goes…


once upon a time there lived a girl name da-da, she was the life of the party, the energy of the room, the light of the sky– if you will. da-da, being the ever so kind individual, decided to host a halloween party for some of her friends. although she needed to turn in her senior thesis that night, she kept putting it off and putting it off. …. UNTIL her procrastination caught up to her. but i’m getting too ahead of myself here.


da-da even invited her 11yrs old sister. granted she did not want to, but her parents said if she wanted some spending money, she needed to let them have a night to spend with one another, and for her to baby-sit. this became quite interesting since da-da, a college student, living off-campus, with her friends on the night of halloween — is forced to through a party while baby sitting. things were fine enough that day, until it was 12:20am and da-da realizes she did not submit her senior thesis, and all she could do was lay in her bed— confused. how could this have happened? an assignment she had completed a month ago, yet kept waiting to turn in until it “felt right” was now past due???


as da-da doses off just stuned at her own predicament, she dreams that she has woken up 100yrs in the future. she sees herself sleeping, old and calm. and all around her older self’s room are photos and awards and thank you notes and flowers and color… she is stunned. she could not believe, that with all of her hick up in life, … at the end, it was all what was meant to be.