this place seems of a time bygone
any yet
the steps on this side walk
the trees all around
the wind that blows
are privy to a fact people turn away from, history does
not change but repeats

mo sat
mo inhaled-exhaled
mo thought

questions arose:
what has brought her here?
is this the calm before the storm?
when will this space reckon with its history?

mo walked further along
dreamed up a conversation on a balcony
tried with all of her senses to imagine
what progress could look like
and after a day’s worth of hoping
the sun set
and so began her work

on writing “mo-ments”

as i mentioned in my project proposal, writing a poem was the first part of the multi-medium story i was creating. while i think this poem can stand on its own as a scene in my character, meskeen aka mo’s story or lore, there are somethings that need some background. for instance, the first line, “this place seems of a time bygone,” without context, reads to mean that the buildings look historic and regal. but familiarity with mo’s storyline lets us know that she travels time and is not bound to any particular century or continent, so this line is a reference to a past mo has lived.

something i struggled with when writing this piece was, do i tell or show mo in action and in conversation with folks. the benefit of the later is that there is greater nuance about the character and the readers/observers get to make of mo and her actions. the difficulty with that, for a character like mo and the world in which she lives in, is that it is difficult to succinctly capture the essence of a scene. like, how do i set up a scene for a racial justice protest in which mo is to act as this superhero-esc, empath, and time traveler that is there to help the movement and the insure the wellbeing of the event attendees — and all in a reasonable 300 or less written format. that is why i have gone with the option of telling mo’s story through a narrative style instead of a dialogue-heavy piece.

as the first in my four installment serious, this poem is to act as the introduction to a particular story i will share about mo through the written, visual, and auditory formats.