my fave show to hate

as part of this weeks remix project, i choose the assignment “tv show gifs,” making 4-6 gifs of my favorite tv show. which upon getting remixed turned into making gifs of my least favorite show. i decided to gif the tv series pretty little liars, which is not a show i hate — because i cant say i have ever even seen like five minutes of the show– however, it is a plot line that eternally irks. beyond the contextual background of the storyline, which i don’t have any foundational knowledge of… the fact that a show about stocker/killer/black-mailer, was able to go on for seven year. like, come on, after the third episode someone had to go to the police, right?

i made these gifs from four different clips i found on youtube of the show, searching things like, “trailer,” “crazy episode,” and “intro.” i used mac screenshot to get the images and photoshop to make them to gifs.