pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

as part of the video assignment “create an intro to a movie,” i decided to make a 90’s themed movie intro that uses video clips from the music vide¬†Friendzone¬†by the artist UMI. i am not at all familiar with the artist or the song but i came across it as i was thinking of videos to select for this assignment. my initial thought was to use clips from 90’s black sitcoms like Martin, Living Single, and A Different World. however, the more i thought about it, i did not think a smooth and comprehendible story (or rather, beginning of a story) could be created by clipping together tv show intros. but as i was looking at the show intros on youtube, UMI’s video popped up as a suggestion. I was draw to its colorful thumb nail. i watched some of the video on mute, and without even hearing the song, i decided to use it for this project.

next was writing the voiceover for the video. i decided to go with something that had a pop and rhythmic beat to it, and if you’re familiar with 90’s hip hop or 90’s pop culture in general, you’ll notice i have incorporated some lines that imitate other show/song lines.

lastly, the editing, the most time-consuming component. i used my iphone to record the audio, youtube mp4 converter for the video and background music, garageband to edit the audio, and imovie to edit the video, and put the video and music together.

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