radio response

this week we, as a class, listened to one another’s radio projects. my group, the legends, went up first on monday. it was an interesting experience participating in a live broadcasting, just by way of google hangout. then the actual process of listening to content that i participated in making and waiting for folks to react to it through twitter was a new experience that brought its own butterflies and nervousness.

the next day i was able to tune in to listen to the super story tellers. they were a group of interesting and quirky characters whose humor took you through the journey of the show, as you can tell by my tweets i was excited for the group.

while the show was going on and folks were tweeting while their parts were airing, i found it interesting that some of them kept apologizing for how their voice sounded or said they didn’t like how they sounded. this makes me think of how while we could all probably relate to this feeling a little bit, i hope after the great affirmation they were getting from the rest of us, the group in the future is more confident and don’t talk down at the work they have done when it is being presented to people.

while i liked the characters and the idea of their characters being interviewed by a news group, i would have liked to see a better connection between each of the different characters and their news reports. maybe if there was one voice, one person, that did the questioning and the characters all responded to them, or if there was a clearly specific news segment they were doing, it could bring all of the scenes together.