sounds of mo

on “sounds of mo”

this is the last piece in my final project series. it is a soundscape, an audio piece made to be heard in a particular location. in my case, this is meant to be heard while reading the poem and watching  the gifs component of this series. i thought to conclude my series with a soundscape as a sort of reference to a line in the poem that reads “tried with all of her senses to imagine,” because that is what story exploration is, trying to share an idea of a world with someone through all these different modes of communication.

given that there is a lot of abstract and referential ideas being presented in the gifs and the poem, i sough to make this sound piece quite direct. it starts out with the sound of leaves crunching and footsteps. the begins, and the background noise ceases when the lines “mo sat/ mo inhaled-exhaled” are read, and this was intended to illicit a sense of calm and deep thought. this line also coincide with the gif “alley,” wherein a figure intended to be mo, is sitting cross legged in the middle of the street. lastly, the piece ends with some soothing jazz and laughter, because one of mo’s purposes is to bring calm and joy during times of pain and trauma.