take two: radio show progress

as my group and i come to a close on our radio project i feel really proud of myself. from the initiation of the project i took lead, on creating a group google doc, planning a day to meet in person, following up with folks through email chain, creating a draft outline of the script, and taking on extra tasks (like making extra bumpers and soundcloud track image).

as i mentioned in my progress report of the radio show last week, communication, especially in a timely manner was our biggest hurdle. timeliness, in terms of responding to email and updating google docs, was an issue for us as a whole,  and that is why i suggested we meet in person to write the script. which is what we ended up doing. all but one of us were able to meet on a wednesday at the hcc and begin writing the script. by that thursday night/early friday morning we all uploaded our individually recorded lines. next came the editing and Drake took lead on that. given his experience working professionally in audio editing, he volunteered to chop up our audio and combine it into a final track.

in terms of recording my lines i used my iphone, then chopped it up using garage band, and uploaded it to soundcloud. in addition to reading my lines, i made two bumpers and a commercial for the show. lastly i made the cover art for the track. i used photoshop to incorporate most of the member’s original “the legends” promo, i then used the smudged tool to manipulate the images. lastly, i downloaded it as a jpg and uploaded it to canva to incorporate the text of member’s names because, i did not like the quality of the lettering when i used photoshop. this made me wonder about the functionality of illustrator, and whether or not text comes out in better quality with that program. i shared the final image with Drake through slack and he uploaded to soundcloud.