make sure to drink your telephone mbm

for this assignment i took the recognizable sound of someone drinking water and edited it to sound static. i used my iPhone voice memos to record me drinking water, from the umw-logoed bottle that i used as my image. i then used garage band and the telephone-vocal filer to alter the sound of the drinking. while to be honest, i don’t know if the drinking/slurping sound is in itself a recognizable sound. i feel like once someone informs you that it is slurping sound, it hear.


pop pop pop snap

i made a beat using a poping noise with my lips and a snapping noise with my fingers. my group, The Legends, will be doing a talk show for our radio show and i thought this would be an interesting and useful transition sound.

i was thinking in the realm of npr’s radiolab, and how they have these dynamic sounds from one character or prospective to another. so while this beat does not explicitly deal with our theme it does meat the needs of my group’s radio show.

i used my iPhone’s voice memos to record the sounds, then i used soundcloud to chop them up and order them in a sequence that was pleasing to my ear.