meskeen mo’s day at the protest

in the mashup assignment “superhuman in everyday life,” i decided to take creative liberty and make my superhero someone who define under the umbrella of superhuman but is not a dc/marvel character. in the image above i have mashed up the Edmund Pettus Bridge Civil Rights protest in Selma Alabama and an image of the wonderful songstris Erykah Badu.

my reasons for mashing these two up has to do with my character, maskeen   aka mo’s power as an empath who defies time and spacial locality to be a transient character that just appears during these pinnacle point in revolutionary spaces so as to help folks heal emotionally and maintain self care and sustenance as they continue their (r)evolutionary pursuits. that being said, i choose Erykah as my superhero symbol because i think she encompasses the essence of mo, blk pride, self-care, creativity, community activism and engagement.

i knew these images were what i wanted to work with so i found them on google and then used canva to edit them.