i wanted to edit and delete this play

as part of this weeks remix work i did the assignment “best sports play,” wherein i was to make a gif of my favorite sports play of the season. but as a remixed assignment i was to “flip the mood,” so i did the sports play that hurt my heart. all the way back in the summer, the world cup was going on and everything was swell, there were several African countries in the cup and i held on tight to hope and prayer that at least one would represent in the finals. and nijaaaaaaa, my sister country Nigeria, i hoped would come through, but the game was stolen from us in the play that can be seen in the gif above. as can clearly be seen Argentina’s number 16 makes a hand ball and to meeeeee, a clear violation because he ought to know that while in the act of jumping to make a header, you must control your arms to not touch the ball or else it is a handball. and then Nigeria went on to lose the game by one point… i am still upset at the call.

upon seeing the assignment i knew what emotion and game i wanted to reference so i went on youtube and found the clip. i then took the pictures by screenshot and then used photoshop to make the gifs.

my fave show to hate

as part of this weeks remix project, i choose the assignment “tv show gifs,” making 4-6 gifs of my favorite tv show. which upon getting remixed turned into making gifs of my least favorite show. i decided to gif the tv series pretty little liars, which is not a show i hate — because i cant say i have ever even seen like five minutes of the show– however, it is a plot line that eternally irks. beyond the contextual background of the storyline, which i don’t have any foundational knowledge of… the fact that a show about stocker/killer/black-mailer, was able to go on for seven year. like, come on, after the third episode someone had to go to the police, right?

i made these gifs from four different clips i found on youtube of the show, searching things like, “trailer,” “crazy episode,” and “intro.” i used mac screenshot to get the images and photoshop to make them to gifs.