propaganda, not for OR by the people

above is my video creation for the video assignment “fake propaganda video.” i had several intentions when making this video, i wanted to create irony, suspense, and realism. while the concept of burning/banning or in any other way limiting access to books is not a new concept (i even refer to the book- turned movie, fahrenheit 451), my twist on this idea was to make the limitation of access to books seem like a cheery and lucrative endeavor.

i also was making this video in association with my character, meskeen aka mo, in mind. given that mo acts as an empath whose life mission is to be of service to people and their personal liberation, the lack of access to books makes that pursuit even more difficult. i also gave another shout out to my character mo when i had the image that read “BOUNTY $100,000: WANTED: ALL REVOLUTIONARY REBEL ROUSERS,” because she is that rebel rouser that the dictators and oligarchs want captured.

in therms of the “dud” democratic union of dictators, its an ironic title and a triple entendre. first, “dud,” as a word is slang for dumby. the fact that the words “democratic” and “union” are in the same phrase as the word “dictator,” speak to how the rulers use language (powerful language) arbitrarily to advance their position. and lastly,  the fact that these dictators have come together so as to help enforce greater oversight, speaks to how power is a source that feeds on everything and everyone.

i end with an assessment on the actual content i used and created. i used my iphone to record my audio, i used gargeband to edit the audio, and i used imovie to bring together the images and audio. i made all but one of the images on canva. and the image i used was a screenshot from the movie fahrenheit 451 by way of a blog called mattmulcahey. in terms of sounds, i used my voice as a tool and i used a clip of paper crumpling as the credits rolled. if i were to do this again i would make the images go slower, to adequately let folks read the writing on the screen. in making this video i learned that i could use canva to make the credits, which was wonderful to find out as i am more familiar with using canva for text manipulation, and in contrast, i have had a hard time in the past using imovie for making text on the screen.