week 13 wrap up

my final project will be an exploration of my character meskeen aka mo, through the written, visual, and sound mediums. my written piece, a poem, will be the centerpiece and reference point of the other work created. throughout this course i have referenced to mo’s abilities, character traits, and general essence, but i have yet to actually¬†just show her in action, so that is what i hope to due in the poem.

so far i have decided the setting of the poem, and thus the rest of the pieces, will be Fredericksburg Virginia. specifically as it relates to its history with slavery, and the on going relationship of black people with the city. i have not yet decided if i will be referencing the city explicitly or just using it for inspiration. for instance, the pictures i will be taking for the project’s visuals will be taken on the UMW campus and in downtown Fred. the sounds i will be recording will be based in Fred.

i feel confident with what i have planned so far for the project. i know the content i will create (poem, photo, sound) and the software i will use (photoshop, garageband), all that is left now is to make it happen.

week 12 wrap up

this week’s set of assignments were interesting because they required the reuse of art that has already been create — which is not something new we are doing this week — but the fact that it was our theme and aim to remix/mashup made the whole experience “legitimate,” and say not a co-op to creating our own content.

as per this week’s theme, i did mashup assignments, at least 12 stars worth

thats so proud

the real grinch story

meskeen mo’s day at the protest

i also did two gif assignments which i remixed

my fave show to hate

i wanted to edit and delete this play

i did two daily creates



and finally i commented on fellow student’s work



week 11 wrap up

for this week, i unfortunately only completed 10 starts worth of assignments, but they were both about my character.

the first was about creating propaganda set in the world of my character.

propaganda, not for OR by the people

next i did a characterization video, strictly from the prospective of my character, which was really fun creating.

top 10 mo facts

my three daily create can be found bellow.




and lastly my commenting on the work of my classmates.



week 10 wrap up

this video week was very interesting. my appreciation and admiration for video has definitely grown! while i do have experience working with the tools that i used this week, such as imovie and garageband, the sheer about of time and patience it takes to create content you are satisfied with is definitely a practice of patience i had forgotten about.

bellow you will find my video essay on the grinch, which did after reviewing how to do a movie critique.

the grinch and how i made the video essay

i then did 12 stars worth of video assignments

pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

psa: public service announcement

top 5 top 5 top 5 @umw

scroll the b-roll

and i also did two daily creates



and bellow you can find my commenting on my classmate’s work.



weekly assignment 9

this week i worked on a reflection of the process of listening to the radio shows of classmates.

radio response

i then redid a website and wrote about it.

remaking the web

i also created a fun little story about all of my daily creates this week.

daily creates, created together

i also have bellow my daily creates from twitter.




i unfortunately did not get to doing the web assignments. so i will conclude this weekly summary with some comments and interactions i had with classmates this week.

week 7: wrap up

i feel my radio show group are heading off to fall break on a good footing, read more about our plans so far.

radio show: process and progress

i created a poster to advertise for our radio show and shared it on twitter.

radio show: poster


in terms of the audio assignments, i made two that were explicitly for the radio show and one that was not specifically created for the show but can be used as a transitional sound.

pop pop pop snap

make sure to drink your telephone mbm

words make me smile mbm

bellow you will find my daily creates.




lastly, i am including screen shots of comments i made on classmate’s work.

for the coming week, i will be working alongside my group to complete a script for the show and hopefully we will meet the day we come back to school and record the show.